A business registration, certification of good conduct and a professional liability insurance – unfortunately, more is not required in order to be able to practice as a real estate agent. “Quickly earning money with little effort” is the negative reputation of the real estate agent – serving as the standard which is difficult to overcome and where many allow themselves to be tempted to get a big piece of the cake. Therefore, it is an obvious reproach that there seem to be so many black sheep in this branch of work with various levels of quality inf their work. How can you find the right agent for you who will deliver qualitatively good work?

Comfortably sitting on your sofa while the internet determines the value of your property. All you have to do is simply enter on the internet, short, brief key points of the property such as age, size of the real estate, living space and location and the result you receive is a realistic value of your property. Do you really believe that result? How convenient that would be for us as real estate agents and experts – no longer having to inspect property sites in wind and stormy weather while getting dirty on falling down properties. But why do you think we still do an on-site visit in order to be able to correctly evaluate a property?

At the beginning of the sale of real estate is the time for a proper assessment of your property. Is it possible for you to make a neutral assessment of your property? How do you go about making this judgement? Many of our clients respond: “Oh sure, my neighbour just sold his property for this price. My property definitely has the same value.” Though is it possible that you would be selling your property too cheaply using this tactic and just giving away your money?

The effects of the Corona crisis on the regional real estate market have prompted us to inform you today about a red-hot topic from our real estate advisory. Even though many of us would no longer wish to hear about the daily topics of “Corona crisis”, “lockdown” or “reproduction factors”, it has had a positive effect on sellers in our regional real estate market.

The new legally regulated sharing of commissions!

Just in time for Christmas, from December 23rd 2020 there will be a new uniform and legally binding division of commissions for all federal states. On May 14th 2020, the Bundestag (German Parliament) approved the law on distribution of commissions for real estate agents who have provided assistance to buyers for the purchasing contracts of condominiums and single family homes. Until now there has not been any uniform regulation on commission payments for buyers and sellers. In many federal states a commission sharing was already in effect (3.57% per party), though in some states, including Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, Bremen and Hamburg, the commission costs were paid solely by the buyer.

In the following explanation, we will give you a brief insight into the new “principle of double commission” for whom and when it applies.

Thank-you very much for the past year filled with very good co-operation. We would also like to remain in the future – no matter how uncertain it may be – a reliable partner for you and your real estate affairs.

We wish you a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year!