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Selling real estate – one of the most valuable decisions of your life.

Would you like to sell?

You would like to sell an apartment, a house, an apartment building or a real estate property that is yet to be built on and have already thought about and have a few ideas on how you would like to proceed

If the price you have thought about is achievable or even a higher purchase price is possible is an open possibility. An evaluation or appraisal may provide further help.

The sale of property involves opportunities, although at the same time the risks should not be underestimated. Mistakes can be quickly made.

And it’s not just about the financial risk, but also concerns organizational and legal issues, time and energy, which you need to invest in to find the right buyer.

With our know-how in all real estate questions, we are your partner for assisting you in finding interested parties with the proper credit-checked basis!

If you do not want to take any unnecessary risks and not lose valuable time when selling your property, we welcome the opportunity to sell your property for you

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Real estate sales should be well prepared. We have created a small check-list (I. - X.) for the necessary basic documents for a problem-free sale.

vent immobilien icon Floor Plans

Floor plans are essential for creating a meaningful exposé. For older houses it is rare that floor plans can be supplied. If the floor plans are no longer available, then we have the option of drawing them.

vent immobilien icon Building Permit

When selling existing properties, the building permit is becoming more and more important. Especially for properties that are located beyond city limits or were originally not built as residential buildings. It is also important for banks to have proof of building permits.

vent immobilien icon Land Register

The land register is proof that the seller may sell and most importantly legally has this option. Ever more frequently the land register is showing encumbrances or easements which makes it more difficult for a sale or may block it entirely. Therefore, it is very important to review the land register at the beginning of the selling process. It is not unusual for owners who are already deceased to still be in the land register and therefore a certificate of inheritance or a will must be made available. A prospective buyer also needs an updated land register (not older than three months) to present when making a financing request.

vent immobilien icon Property Map

On the property map, issues such as problems that existed in the beginning are visible, such as superstructures. Banks require a current property map (not older than three months) when a financing request is being considered.

vent immobilien icon Negative Certificates

To be legally on the safe side, we recommend that negative certificates, e.g. contaminated sites, public easement construction changes, current as well as planned residential and development should be obtained from the respective officials and authorities.

vent immobilien icon Modernization Certificates

Owners who have always properly noted down modernizations undertaken on their property may have a small influence on the value of it. Modernizations play an important role in determining market value.

vent immobilien icon Owner’s Meeting Reports, Division Declarations, Supplements to Division Declarations, Invoices, Decision-Making Meetings, Management Contracts, etc.

As owner of a condominium, you will need to have other documents available when you wish to sell. An interested buyer is entitled to all the documents listed above. Without these documents, even a bank would not be able to provide financing.

vent immobilien icon Energy Certificate

An Energy Certificate has been lawfully required since May 1st 2014. As a seller, you are required to present this when selling.

vent immobilien icon Insurance Policy Certificate

Since a buyer only moves into the building when he is the registered owner – listed in the landowner’s registry – he must receive a copy of the insurance policy certificate. Of course, a bank financing the property will also want to be assured that the property is properly insured.

vent immobilien icon Certificate of Inheritance, Last Will and Testament or Full Power of Attorney

If you are the heir or authorized carer of someone, you will require a few more documents when selling the property. If there is a certificate of inheritance or a last will and testament, then the sale may go through. If one of the documents is missing or there is no will, then a certificate of inheritance must be applied for.

If you are an authorized carer, due to the fact that a friend or relative can no longer act for himself, it is imperative to have a full power of attorney when selling real estate. A power of attorney from hospitals or from the internet is not sufficient in this instance.
It makes sense to give someone power of attorney before an emergency occurs.

Tip: Don’t worry if you don’t have some of these documents. We will be happy to help you obtain the necessary missing documents required for the sale.