vent immobilien Garantien

Our service guarantee for you:

Sit back and relax, we will do it!

Our range of services is the result of years of experience in the real estate market, combined with the feedback of our clients. We guarantee that with every commissioned job, you will receive our full attention for the following scope of activities.

Getting Acquainted / Inventory

vent immobilien icon beratung2x Real Estate Advice

We have time for you! In a personal discussion with you, we will clarify all of your questions and reliably be available for you. We will advise you on key issues, such as the value of the property, market developments, inheritance issues, power of attorney or liability issues. During a visual inspection of your property, we will make an extensive photo documentation of the property in order to ensure legal security.

vent immobilien icon immobilienbewertung Property Evaluation

Property prices are not made by the roll of the dice. We will have the right offer for you, depending on what you need the evaluation for.

Market value determination 
For an upcoming sale (as guideline without a written part)
Brief assessment 

(for disputes within the family)
Simplified evaluation
(for banks, inheritance issues, e.g. legal disputes)
Market value appraisal 
(legal disputes)

vent immobilien icon fotografie Real Estate Photography

At the present it’s said: Photos beats text, pictures evoke emotions. Good photos are essential in order to spark interest in buyers. Light, time of day, size of rooms and materials should be photographed professionally.
In real estate marketing, high resolution and professional real estate photos are absolutely indispensable.

vent immobilien icon grundrissservice Floor Plan Service

A clear floor plan provides a quick overview and helps tremendously with the spatial presentation and actuality. It answers questions from the interested parties (doors, windows, balcony, carport, garden) and supports significantly the purchase or rental decisions of the viewer.

vent immobilien icon vermarktungsstrategie Marketing Strategy

In close consultation with you, we will develop the right strategy for you, in order to market your property in the best possible way. We work in a target group-oriented concept by using all online and print media, existing networks and our own client data base.


Organization for the marketing of the property:

We make your property a star.

vent immobilien icon unterlagen Documents

We will take care of all documents which are relevant to the sale, such as the land register, property map, building permit, building information (access to property, parking, distancing from neighboring properties, etc.) and fight our way through the jungle of bureaucracy.

vent immobilien icon expose Exposé

We let your property speak! In a meaningful exposé, we awaken the interest of potential buyers through photos, floor plans and appealing texts.

vent immobilien icon werbung Advertising

Now it is getting serious! Your property is coming on the market. We have a variety of options to market your property in the best possible manner. This includes our customer data with registered and credit-checked prospects, the four largest real estate databases, our presentation boards in Bad Saarow and Spree Immobilien in Beeskow as well as advertising on the property.

vent immobilien icon kompetenzWell-coordinated Competence

Enjoy our unique service of VENT-Immobilien and Spree Immobilien as one unit. You hire one of our real estate agencies and receive the performance and scope of two companies. All of our properties will also be on offer in our branch office in Beeskow. For you this means twice the strength in reaching your goal.

vent immobilien icon netzwerk Network

As a member of the Immobilienverband Deutschland (IVD) (German Real Estate Association), we can rely on co-operation with approx. 6,000 real estate companies and acquiring suitable interested parties.

vent immobilien icon besichtigung Viewing

We will not be able to avoid a walk through your property. We will keep the visits within the agreed upon limits. We promise! You will not have to buy a new carpet just because of us. Due to our informative exposés, the credit checks and detailed discussions with interested parties, we can concentrate in advance on potential buyers and save you the sightseeing tourism.

vent immobilien icon bonitatspruefung Credit Check

The most important aspect of a property sale is to have a buyer who can actually afford the cost. With us as your professional partner, you have the advantage and security of a proof of circumstances in advance. With a private sale, you have no one to check the prospective buyer’s solvency.


Organization of the Sale

Buckle up! We are on the way to our goal.

vent immobilien icon reservierung Reservation

After the reservation agreement has been drawn up, it will be forwarded to the appropriate notary office, who will then translate the wishes of those involved into a legal format. We will not leave anything to chance! We will also be at your side when the certification is being made.

vent immobilien icon vertragsmanagement Contract Management

After the reservation agreement has been drawn up, it will be forwarded to the appropriate notary office, who will then translate the wishes of those involved into a legal format. We will not leave anything to chance! We will also be at your side when the certification is being made

vent immobilien icon kaufpreiszahlung Purchase Price Payment

If a notary trust account was selected for the notarization, we will check the receipt of the money for you. Nothing is worse than handing over the keys to the house ahead of time and taking any unnecessary risks.

vent immobilien icon hausuebergabe Handover of the Property

Now is the time to say goodbye! All hurdles have been overcome and we will meet at your property for the final time. We will make a protocol of the handover, the release of the keys and all necessary documents. The sale/handover has been completed and with our help it went smoothly.
We congratulate you on the new chapter in your life