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»Vent schon« — then already

Vent Real Estate Advisory – “Becoming a Real Estate Agent is not Difficult, Remaining one all the more so – How do I find the right Agent?”

A business registration, certification of good conduct and a professional liability insurance – unfortunately, more is not required in order to be able to practice as a real estate agent. “Quickly earning money with little effort” is the negative reputation of the real estate agent – serving as the standard which is difficult to overcome and where many allow themselves to be tempted to get a big piece of the cake. Therefore, it is an obvious reproach that there seem to be so many black sheep in this branch of work with various levels of quality inf their work. How can you find the right agent for you who will deliver qualitatively good work?

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Your Top Address at Scharmützelsee.

VENT-Immobilien Bad Saarow is a first-class and well-rehearsed real estate team with qualified employees in various fields of specialization and also a member of the Real Estate Association of Germany (IVD).

We are mainly active in the Oder-Spree region and beyond to the center of Berlin. Towns such as Fürstenwalde, Erkner, Storkow and the neighboring communities, as well as the locations surrounding Scharmützelsee, like Bad Saarow, Wendisch Rietz and Diensdorf-Radlow, but also the areas around Schöneiche and Woltersdorf are part of our field of activity.