vent immobilien O-ton

Bianca Doll
We bought a condominium through the real estate agency Vent. From the first meeting to the conclusion of the purchase and beyond, Mr. Schenk was always available for advice and to ensure action. It was our first purchase of an apartment and we felt extremely well-advised and guided. Will always to contact him again.

Danilo Nagentowski
Very happy to repeat the experience, I was very satisfied! For me, the best real estate agent in the area. Looking forward to further interesting offers.

Franz Rieger
Thank-you so much for the professional advice and handling as we sold our condominium!

real Layrice
I am very satisfied. In particular, Ms. Röbisch offered great support, so that I could acquire my dream apartment. Thank you so much!

Vent-Immobilien has been supporting me successfully since 1994. 
In the past few months, the competent and friendly team has assisted me in selling an apartment. Local market knowledge and the company’s many years of experience were definitely responsible for the smooth conclusion.
I really felt I was in good hands during this transaction and can definitely recommend Vent-Immobilien without reservation.

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