vent immobilien unser Team

May we briefly introduce ourselves?

We are a super well-coordinated team that is always ready to advise you with energy and love of our job. Successful training at the European Real Estate Academy and years of experience in the field of real estate sales are a matter of fact for us. We are entitled to use the professional title “real estate agent”. Get to know us.

We are here for you

vent immobilien sascha schenk

Success as the result of a
goal-oriented work ethic
in a motivated team
and pleasant working environment.

Sascha Schenk

Managing Director, Dipl. Certified Real Estate Agent (EIA)
Appraiser in Committee of Valuation Experts (Oder-Spree District)

Sabine Kopetz

Certified Real Estate Agent (IHK)

vent immobilien sabine kopetz

In a trusting, open, appreciative atmosphere, leads to successful communication and is the path to success for all of us.

vent immobilien Nicole Gade

All’s well in the end!
If it is not good, it’s not the end.
Oscar Wilde

Nicole Gade

Team Leader Beeskow,
Business Economist in HAF,
Certified Real Estate Agent (EIA),
Certified Real Estate Appraiser,
Marketing & Advertising

Anja Baranowski

Certified Real Estate Agent (EIA)

spree immobilien anja baranowski

What you do in a good mood is not difficult for you.

vent immobilien Yvette Ebenau

Time we take is time that gives us something.

Ernst Ferstl

Yvette Ebenau

Office Managerin,
Director of first impression,



Company Group with Spree Immobilien in Beeskow

VENT-Immobilien Bad Saarow belongs to the Company Group Spree Immobilien Beeskow GmbH. This group of companies has been active outside the eastern city limits of Berlin and the Oder-Spree district since 1993.

With our know-how concerning all queries relating to real estate, we are the right partner for you. We will do everything for you so that in the end you are more than satisfied by buying or selling a property at the best possible price.

You will be competently looked after by our colleagues from our branch office of »Spree-Immobilien« in Beeskow.

to Spree-Immobilien in Beeskow

We are members of IVD

As a member of the “Immobilienverband Deutschland” (Real Estate Association of Germany), we work with over 6,000 companies of the association and, with our professional staff, we are among the most efficient real estate agents.

Our employees have completed training as real estate agents or market evaluation experts at the European Real Estate Academy of the Real Estate Association of Germany.

For years, we have worked not only for private sellers, but also for numerous municipalities, lawyers, estate administrators, carers and other companies as well as for the Oder-Spree district.