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The Property Evaluation

Balancing Act between what is Desirable and what is Feasible.

There are many reasons for a professional property evaluation. Pricing to the highest possible purchase price, establishing the mortgage lending value to finance the property, tax optimization, inheritance issues or the need to determine the profit compensation in the event of a divorce. With our certified real estate appraisers (EIA), we are one of the top addresses in this field.

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Our reports are based on many years of experience in the application of evaluation methods prescribed by section §194 of the Building Code (material value, income value, and comparison value method.)

As real estate agents, we also have in-depth knowledge of the market, our own collection of purchase prices and we know exactly which market prices may be achieved.

Depending on your concerns, we offer you various evaluation options.

  • Determination of the market value for the upcoming sale
  • Brief assessment for internal family issues
  • A simplified evaluation for banks, inheritance matters, separations
  • Market value appraisals for legal disputes

Just speak with us! We would be happy to advise you on the right assessment for you.

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