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We are specialists for the areas around the Scharmützelsee with our main focus being Bad Saarow, Fürstenwalde, Storkow and Wendisch Rietz.

Bad Saarow, with a thermal spring and mud spa, is located approx. 70 km southeast of Berlin’s city center. The health resort is characterized by wooded and park-like properties from the founding years 1906 of this villa settlement.

In 1912 Heilmoor was discovered just outside the gates of this village, the mud bath opened in 1914. The development from a recreational area to a health resort began, culminating in the 1920s with the discovery of the thermal spring. In 1923 Saarow received the title of Bad Saarow and developed into a state-recognized health resort.



The architecture of the Wilhelminian era, which still influences the townscape today, and the styles of past eras make Bad Sarrow an interesting town for visitors and residents. Even today you can imagine how the life of the high society in the Roaring Twenties played out by the lake. The location was the preferred place of relaxation and meeting point for the Berlin culture and fim scene of the time. Celebrities such as Max Schmeling, Harry Liedtke and others owned property here.

Then as now: The popularity of the Scharmützelsee region continues unabated.

Bad Saarow – health resort with wellness, health and medical facilities with tourism, water sports and golf courses as well as culture and gastronomy – offers everything needed for your daily life and everything else you desire. Fürstenwalde, as the closest town, has all public facilities available like any medium-sized town. Even if you are professionally reliant on Berlin, Bad Saarow is an excellent place to live thanks to the connection with the A12 in Fürstenwalde. The hourly bus connection via (RB 35) from Bad Saarow to Fürstenwalde train station ensures a fast connection from Frankfurt (Oder) via Berlin to Magdeburg.

All good reasons to make the Scharmützelsee region your new home.