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The property tax in Brandenburg has previously been based on the property assessments of 1935. From 2025 the actual current property value will determine the actual tax calculation. The goal for this modification is to maintain the tax revenue at the current level and distribute the costs in a more socially equitable manner. Whether it will generally be more expensive for owners it is not yet possible to say if this will be the case. It will depend on the property, the building structures and the purpose of use.

Deadline date: 1st January 2022

The tax authorities will begin in 2022 with the revaluation of the properties in their district of responsibility. Therefore, the property owners are required to inform the tax authorities of the current data on their property. The following information is required If it is a residential property:

  • Location of property
  • Size of property area
  • Value of land area
  • Type of building structure
  • Living space
  • Construction date of building
  • • Rental price of the area

Information is to be provided by 1st January 2022.

Electronic data transmission

The information about the property must be sent to the tax authorities in a so-called declaration of assessment. The tax authorities will either respond separately in advance to the owners or an announcement will be made via other means. From July 2022 it will be possible to make an electronic data transmission via the ELSTER online platform. According to the current status the deadline for transmission is October 31st, 2022. Therefore, there is still time available before the data deadline. If you currently don’t have the information available, you should start researching now. Otherwise the time frame can very tight to be able to respond correctly.

Is the data correct and complete?

External support should be sought for anyone who does not have the necessary information for the calculation of the new property tax or experiences uncertainty. Our team would be happy to assist you as we know the property market in this area inside out. You can be certain that your data will properly reach the tax authorities on time.