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We can offer you a few tips.

  1. It is definitely a good idea to check out the real estate agent‘s work space/office. An agent working at home from his sofa is difficult for customers to reach. Where can a customer meet him for an appointment?
  2. Work experience! It is best to inquire about how long the agent has been working in this profession. The longer an agent has working in this field, the better his market experience, his network and also the number of satisfied customers (especially in our region, where real estate agents rely on recommendations).
  3. Enquire about the size of the company. Having more employees is advantageous, in order to be able to ensure another agent will be standing in for someone who is ill or on holiday. In the case of a lone warrior, your sales time may be longer as there is no substitute to continue to look after your property during the vacation season.
  4. What qualifications and advanced training does the agent have? For some time now, there has been a requirement for a compulsory advanced training course of 32 hours within 3 years that the agent must be able verify. In addition, real estate agents should also attend voluntary training courses or seminars in order to keep up with any legal changes or innovations. Otherwise it would not be possible to properly advise with any legal certainty.
  5. Inquire about any affiliations with real estate associations! The largest association is the Real Estate Association Germany (IVD). Members must adhere to the association‘s guidelines regarding their work procedures. The aim is to create uniform quality and working procedures.
  6. Be sure the real estate agent is local. Only those who personally know their market and customers can sell your property discreetly and securely. Every market has its pitfalls and peculiarities that outsiders would not be familiar with.
  7. Have the appraisal of your property discussed in detail so you can determine if the real estate agent has only estimated the value or has calculated it correctly.
  8. Very important – the chemistry and trust must be right. You should feel that you are in good hands with your real estate agent and have complete trust in him. You are giving him your most valuable asset. If you are still not convinced, then inquire about references of the agent. Browse through his homepage or invite another agent for a meeting. Before you commit, be sure to compare. In order to get a first impression, get to know the agent in a non-binding conversation at his business premises. If you require further information on this subject “How to find the right agent”, feel free to contact us. We are very happy to advise you on this matter.

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