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As we have pointed out many times in our previous articles, every property has unique qualities or damage. Where can you find this on the internet? For the most part there is no attention paid to these special qualities, but these small peculiarities may significantly influence the purchase price or value of your property. Even special characteristics such as a waterfront location, above-average infrastructure or a popular residential area are also not taken into account.

The promised ‘high quality analysis is actually only an initial, non-binding, remote assessment. An exact property value assessment can only be determined by an appropriate person with expertise at an on-site visitation. Only then can a price be determined which takes into consideration of multiple aspects such as the need for modernization or a backlog of repairs. There ae now two options available: the internet portal will send you an expert for a precise evaluation or you are satisfied with the remote assessment based on (desired) purchase prices published on the internet. Normally these prices will not be achieved as actual purchase prices. Why not choose the direct solution of a local real estate specialist on location? He is familiar with the local market prices, knows the region and the sales opportunities. In addition, he has a registration of prospective buyers so that the entire sales process will proceed quickly and above all, be legally secure.

What will you gain with a purchase price from a remote assessment which is not possible to achieve or able to be financed by the banks? You therefore endure a significantly longer marketing period, more costs and no legal protection for the deficiencies not declared or other peculiarities. Let a real estate specialist advise you in advance. I f you would like further information about “internet rating”, please feel free to contact us. We would be very happy to offer advice.

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