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The number of divorces being undertaken in Germany is falling, though it is still ca. 40% of marriages being prematurely terminated. In approximately half of the cases – there is a dispute – before or after the divorce, about the value or the price achieved for the sale of the jointly-owned property.


In Germany, almost half of senior citizens over the age of 65 live in their own house or in their condominium. When their properties are inherited, the properties are usually not lived in but sold by the heirs (or increasingly, the large communities of heirs).

Home Care Support:

If a person is no longer able to care for himself, a private or professional home care support is given the responsibility of acting on behalf of the person needing care. Normally the sale of the private property is unavoidable in order to provide funds to pay for the care of the person.

In these abovementioned cases, there are usually disputes, completely different views of the value, or third parties, such as official authorities who have the right to be involved in the sales process. What is the best way to proceed to an agreement that takes into consideration the best interests of the person in care.

A neutral appraisal of the property can be of great help. It establishes an objective value of the property to be sold. A detailed explanation is given to a layperson about the positive and also the negative aspects of the property. Not only the possibilities of development are taken into consideration, but also the value of the land, the outdoor facilities, special building components, possible income and value-influencing entries in the land register.

In general, there are two types of appraisals. On the one hand, a brief evaluation, and then on the other hand the market value report according to Section 194 of the Building Code. Both are differentiated by the length, amount of detailed information and the price – the method of calculation is identical.

When making the proper choice, you should always consult an expert for evaluation. It is possible that a brief evaluation is sufficient for your specific case, thus saving you money.

Now you have to consider where you can receive an appraisal evaluation? Not every real estate agent can produce an evaluation report. You should be looking for expert appraisers or trained real estate appraisers. Be sure you are choosing an appraiser that is locally based in the real estate area, ensuring knowledge of regional characteristics.

An appraisal evaluation is suitable for every private seller, as it is advantageous to know the market value of your property. After all, you have nothing to give away.

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