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As many people have had to work from their home office during the lockdown, look after their children, meeting up with friends and family not being possible or only to a very limited extent, they have become aware of the limitations of their rental apartment.

Whether it was a weekend property, a private home or a construction site, since the beginning of the Corona crisis we have experienced a huge demand at our offices of Vent-Immobilien Bad Sarrow and Spree Immobilien Beeskow with also a significantly shorter marketing time due to rising real estate prices. Of course, it is also the incessantly higher real estate prices on the Berlin market which increases our demand. In addition, lower interest rates for mortgages have also affected the demand. All of these factors currently influence property sales, making them very interesting and worthwhile. During the crisis, with all of the restrictions affecting private life as well as public life, many people have realized that renting an apartment in city centres, especially as a family may come with disadvantages. The desire is growing for a garden, more living space for the family or back to self-sufficiency. Prospective buyers are willing to pay more for their happiness than they were before the Corona crisis. Due to this, bidding prices are becoming increasingly common. A big disadvantage for buyers. They are currently forced to spend more money for a property. The interest rates are lower, but the higher purchase prices determine a sharp rise in the investment volume, making the loan conditions longer.

With this tense market situation, buyers and sellers should consult a real estate specialist. The real estate agent or real estate appraiser can protect the buyer from an overpriced purchase price or legal difficulties. He can also advise the seller from selling too cheaply, placing false advertisements or protecting them from non-paying buyers. If you would like further information about any of these topics, please contact us. We are very happy to advise you.

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