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Actually, you secretly long for a small apartment in the city, maybe with a balcony for the warm summer days, a place where everything you need is within a short walking distance? But then you weigh your memories that bind you with this property.

The children grew up here, this was your life and you’ve invested so much love and tears in the renovations and modernizations. You pull yourself together and put your ailments in the background. But what for – for the children who have already made their own homes? Or for the children who have flown so far from their parent’s nest and do not wish to return to their small hometown?

Be sure to think about yourself and not miss the right point in time to move into a small, attractive apartment with many amenities. Giving you the opportunity to travel, have time for your hobbies. So often one thinks of oneself too late.

Sell your property at a timely point so that you can plan and enjoy your autumn years and the proceeds from the sale do not have to be used for your care costs.

A property is like a person – unique and distinctive. But only if the maintenance is kept up and modernizations are regularly carried out. All too often the repairs are neglected, causing major problems and the property loses its gloss and value.

You also shouldn’t pass on the peculiarities and problems to the future heirs as they are often overwhelmed. This includes not only existing loans, but also old contracts, building roofs, leases or open legal proceedings.

Inform yourself about all these possibilities even if you are feeling super fit. Selling a property cannot be completed overnight. From the refurbishing of the property, the clarification of possible problems, finding solvent buyers, procurement of required documents for the sale such as energy certificates, drawing up the notarial purchase contract, up to handing over the property and monitoring the purchase price payment. Don’t leave anything to chance.

If you would like further information about any of these topics, please contact us. We are very happy to advise you.


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