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The value of a property is determined by several factors: year of construction, size, condition, location and the market development. If an agent is brokering property in Berlin, he is used to very high property prices, the scarce supply and the strong demand in the capital. If he now wants to broker a property in the countryside, the following situation often occurs: the agent compares the property to the prices in the large city and promises the client a much too high desired price.

Do not set the purchase price too high

The initial euphoria over the proposed target price quickly turns into disappointment and frustration. Often no interested parties are found over a long period of time who are prepared to buy the overvalued property. In addition there are hurdles in mediation since the agent can not always be present at viewings due to long travelling time and therefore does not have a complete picture of the current situation on site.

Banks do not finance prices from the moon

If a buyer is found, complications with the banks are inevitable. For 90 % of our clients, financing is necessary in order to buy their own house or have one for rental. The bank will not finance a property when the purchase price is far above the actual market value and even further above the mortgage lending value. In short: Banks do not finance prices from the moon!

Advantages of regional brokers

Demand and salaries are usually lower in rural areas than in medium-sized centers and large cities. This is reflected in the real estate prices. Especially in our region. real estate agents must make a more objective and qualified approach to property evaluations. Local estate agents are more familiar with the market situation and the regional peculiarities and can therefore broker houses and apartments at the best possible price.

In addition, the experts on site provide their clients with more personal support – in contrast to the often quite anonymous cooperation with a office further away.
We meet our clients again and again in everyday life. If we did a bad job word would quickly get around. This is another reason why regional brokers are usually more motivated to achieve the best possible result for their clients.

However if you decide to employ a national estate agent, you should first have the value of your property determined in a short evaluation by local appraisers. For those who realistically assess the value of their property will save money, time and nerves, as the sales process then runs more smoothly.

We are familiar with the real estate market in the Oder-Spree district and the surrounding area and would be happy to advise you free of charge.

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